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Lion 10.7.1 On Lenovo G770 i5 Sandy Bridge HD3000 Laptop

And always use portable drive to install before internal hard drive. For Realtek id 0139 card reader isn’t supported, a USB SD card reader is handy. 2012-04-05 The new and easier way to install Lion 10.7.3 is here. After weeks of trials and errors, with tons of readings and editings, I got the Lion 10.7.1 […]

All Pop Ups On A Page

There are many pop-ups (modals) software out there to make the page display pictures and other stuff looks beter. These are some of the ones I like. ShadowBox PrettyPhoto FancyBox 2 Mediabox Advanced ImagePreview Used together with Mediabox Advanced <p style=”text-align: center;”><a title=”imagepreview” href=”/media/91alfaspider/91alfa0.jpg” rel=”lightbox”><img style=”vertical-align: baseline; border: 3px solid black;” title=”My Alfa” src=”/media/91alfaspider/91alfa0.jpg” alt=”My […]

Remove Lenovo G770 Hard Drive

2012-12-06 replace hard drive with SSD Since I have to remove the hard drive to install Chameleon to dual boot Windows 7 & Lion, I documented the procedure for later if I need to do it again. The hard drive on my Lenovo G770 is 750GB Western Digital Green (this may be the problem why […]

Using Pageview Plugin

Pageview plugin is to embed and iframe page into WordPress post or page. [pageview url=”//” height=”300px” title=”pageview” border=”yes” scrolling=”yes”] [‘pageview url=”//” height=”300px” title=”pageview” border=”yes” scrolling=”yes”]


One of the plugins I want to add to the blogs is WP-PostViews, this one shows the page view counts on the title index and single pages. The set up is pretty straight forward, although we have to edit the index.php and single.php of our theme. We can download WP-PostViews from the plugins page or […]

Fix Window 7 From IDE to AHCI

Sometimes the bios setting for SATA drive is IDE mode by default and we installed windows XP or windows 7 with this setting. Later on, we want to change the bios setting to AHCI to install Mac OS X, we need to re-install windows or fix the registry to run with AHCI mode. We have […]

Why Pay For Windows Security?

Believe it or not, most people feel that it’s better to pay than to get something fixed for free and they don’t even try the free one. We understand that MS stuff are known to be flawed in many ways, but we did try the MSS (Microsoft Security Essentials) and they did work. One of […]

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