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2012-02-28 We found Ispring solution is much easier to convert powerpoint to flash.

Sometimes we have some powerpoint presentations we received or made that we want to place it on our blogs. There is a program called Authorpoint lite that will convert a powerpoint presentation to flash so we can place them on our blogs. To us, if the presentation are just pictures, then we can just use jalbum to display the images with music embeded. If the presentation has animation, then authorpoint is the best. If we just want to convert powerpoint to swf flash files, then we use OpenOffice. We use authorpoint for our powerpoint conversion.

We must have MS powerpoint 2000 or newer for the authorpoint to work (97 doesn’t work), install the authorpoint and it will be embeded in the powerpoint software interface. Open a presentation .pps file with music. Some presentation, authorpoint could embed the music to the flash, but some, we need to extract the music file and embed into the html file later. In this presentation, we had to extract the music from the presentation. To extract the music file from the pps file, we just need to save the presentation to html format from powerpoint.

Video How To (fullscreen in HD



save all files in a folder, in this folder, there will be 1 folder and an htm page created. The sound.wav will be in the created folder and all the images used in the presentation.



We used audacity and lamemp3 to convert the wav file to mp3 file for the website version of the presentation.


Just open the sound with audacity, click file, export and this screen will come up, click OK and save as mp3 format.

Wave to MP3


Wave to MP3

Now we have the mp3 sound from the pps. Sometimes, we have errors of creating flash from authorpoint, we need to save the presentation as “.ppt” extension the it will solve the problem. Before we convert to flash using authorpoint, we click the authorpointlite preference, choose the template “e-learning comp” and the color we want to display.

Wave to MP3

Wave to MP3

Wave to MP3

We can view to see if it would come out good. We don’t like the white background, so we change the color of the background in the index.html file. We should have 2 folders created for flash

flash folder

the aP Light Flash folder is the one we need to zip and send to the website. Inside this folder, there should be an index.html, to change the background color, open with notepad++, default is #ffffff (white)

background color

Now we need to embed the music inside the webflash presentation, we use dewplayer embeded code and xml file. We set the autoplay,no autoreplay.

Add Music

rename the “aP Lite Flash” folder to the name of the presentation, zip it and load it up to the website and extract.


When everything is done correctly with the music embeded in the head of the html file we should have a nice presentation automatically runs when the page is loaded like this.


With animation and NON-autoplay


We’re sure there are many ways to do this, but this is the way we did ours, if you have any better ways, please show us, inputs are greatly appreciated.



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