Snow Leopard 10.6.8 On Lenovo G770 i5 Sandy Bridge Laptop

10.6.8 combo update installation

Start laptop with iboot-legacy in the drive, select first boot – cd/dvd, it will load iboot-legacy bootloader, this time we will see the “snowusb1068” partition with 10.6.3 we just installed, select the partition and click enter, if it fails to boot for any reasons, we can use the “tab” key and type -v at the prompt, make sure to select “snowusb1068”, but I never have problem booting from the boot screen. We will be able to load 10.6.3 without any problem, we’re going to update 10.6.8 right after 10.6.3. First, in the 10.6.3 snow leopard (“snowusb1068”), we need to install UpdateHelper, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, install this first, RESTART and boot with iboot-legacy cd again and select “snowusb1068” (right now it only has 10.6.3 with UpdateHelper installed).

lenovo begin 10.6.3 log in lenovo 10.6.3 screen

lenovo install updatehelper before 10.6.8 update combo reboot with iboot-legacy then install 10.6.8 combo

Reboot usb1068 using iboot-legacy cd then install 10.6.8 update.

Install 10.6.8 combo update package, make sure to select the “snowusb1068” partition.

lenovo select the "usb1068" partition to install lenovo install dsdt option

When it finishes DON’T RESTART, leave the windows alone, we need to install Multibeast 3.8, but we don’t select easybeast only dsdt and individual options only. Multibeast will crash and closes both 10.6.8 update and multibeast screens, it’s OK, just restart the multibeast again, this time we can install solidly. Even with dsdt option selected, I found that we still have to select all the options for the 10.6.8 to boot correctly. Here are the options.

lenovo install dsdt and audio options lenovo options needed for 10.6.8

lenovo options 2

Finish with the multibeast installation, it will create an “Extra” folder in “snowubl1068” partition with all extensions and smbios.plist and generic DSDT.aml. You can replace the whole “Extra” folder with my “Extra” folder or just the 3 files “dsdt patched and” for the screen backlight to be controlled by a slider. After replace “Extra” or “files in Extra” folder, use Kext utility in the APPS folder to update the cache before reboot.


lenovo replace Extra folder with my Extra folder lenovo run kext utility after replacing Extra folder

Make sure everything is correct and verified, we’re ready to boot snow leopard 10.6.8 with full QE/CI/CL and native resolutions straight from our USB external drive. If everything is correct, you will see the 1600×900 screen

lenovo 1600x900 full screen with translucent bar

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