Snow Leopard 10.6.8 On Lenovo G770 i5 Sandy Bridge Laptop

2. Using Chameleon boot loader to boot to windows 7 or Mac OS X (keep factory windows 7 software).

A. A, B, C above

B. Remove the hard drive, put it on a usb external adapter. I would do this if installing chameleon boot loader on partition 200MB works, I tried fix boot0:error with all possible ways described on the internet and none of them would work with this LAPTOP.

lenovo boot0 error lenovo boot0 error

C. Use external USB Mac OS X: format 200MB partition 1 (MBR) to Journaled Extended and install Multibeast 3.8 on it, copy my “Extra” folder over the multibeast “Extra” folder. Test by reboot from the usb main hard drive to see if it boots to Tony boot menu. If it does, then put it back in the laptop. DONE.

lenovo erase 200mb windows MBR partition lenovo create chameleon partition over windows MBR

Install “easybeast” to “chameleon”

lenovo install easybeast to chameleon partition lenovo copy "Extra" folder over "chameleon/Extra" folder

When everything is done, test by boot with this usb external hard drive to make sure it does boot to chameleon (multibeast) and windows7 and mac osx working. Put the hard drive back to the Laptop and enjoy the solid dual boot. This is the way I use my LAPTOP.

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