Snow Leopard 10.6.8 On Lenovo G770 i5 Sandy Bridge Laptop


3. Use Chameleon on 1st partition and windows 7 on 2nd (need windows 7 install DVD)


This is too much work – Omit

A. Need to back up the computer (image and files). Down load all drivers and apps for windows 7, extract product key from original windows 7 to register again with the new install.

B. Use external USB Mac OS X to partition the whole disk to MBR, 2 partitions, the sizes are dependent upon your preferences, the 1st one will be Mac OS X, the 2nd will be Windows 7.

lenovo erase mac to journaled extended lenovo erase to FAT partition

C. Install Windows 7 on the 2nd partition first.

lenovo windows 7 home premium 64 lenovo custom advance installation

lenovo select windows fat partition and format to ntfs to load lenovo windows 7 installation

When windows finished, we can boot to windows 7 without any problem.

D. Install Mac OS X to the 1st partition MBR (Retail 10.6.3 won’t work) need to use the external USB mac os x to install patched MBR or restore the partition but we need to re-install multibeast 3.8 to boot from Chameleon.

I verified this way by using my 250GB hard drive, so make sure you back up your C drive image fully before trying this, I’m not too sure about the Western Digital 750GB to work, but I believe the way they format and set the MBR partitions that caused the EasyBCD dual boot way NOT working.

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