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2012-12-10 I’m ready to remove the Windows 8 – I can’t seem to shutdown the laptop, it just goes into sleep mode, the led light on my laptop keep blinking at night. The wifi is up and down whenever it wants to. I can’t seem to get used to all these icons constantly on in start screen. I don’t think the OS designed for tablet will work well with PC and Laptop, at least with what I have seen. They said the PC and Laptop sales are down due to people moving to tablets, I think the consumers are afraid of Windows 8. If PC or Laptop makers give an option of downgrade to Windows 7 for a small fee or free, I bet their PC and Laptop sales will go up.

On my Lenovo laptop G770, Conexant audio driver couldn’t load, Windows 8 driver doesn’t switch from speakers to headphones when I plugged them in. It assigns system sound to the headphones and flash or browsers sound to the speakers, totally buggy.

2012-11-11 Brother MFC-665CW scan function doesn’t exist in Windows 8, printer driver works.

Handbrake 9.8, 5.10, Camstudio work, New Video player doesn’t have close button, can’t minimize for close when it’s activated.

So, to keep up with technology and especially Microsoft, I had to download the preview of Windows 8 to try out, it was easy to install, but so hard to use.

It was designed for tablets, just like Mountain Lion in Mac OS 10.8, but it’s worse. It’s not user friendly, if you don’t know how to use the right clicks, you can’t use this NON intuitive OS. I don’t think MS has anything that intuitive, MS doesn’t seem to care about being user friendly because it practically owns the PC world. I’m considered myself pretty logical and technologically inclined, it took me almost five minutes to find out how to use this new Windows 8.

They hide the start button, you have to move the cursor to the left lower corner to see the pop up icon, move the cursor all the way to the right bottom corner, you’ll see the settings and shutdown.

Anyhow, get into the start screen, you have to right click to see the app bar, click it to see the apps, if using this Windows 8 often, we have to change the mouse frequently (mouse button wearing out from clicking) and our fingers will get tired more. To shutdown the system, you need at least 3 clicks to do it.

I tried a few software and one of them hung the computer, Crtl + Alt + Del to access the task manager and it froze. Turn off the computer and restart.

MS tries to commercialize this OS, it required email and user name to log in, all the start icons are social networks and MS networks short cuts.

MS did it again this time, the problem is that all laptops and computers now has Windows 8. Before anyone should jump into Windows 8, make sure all your software are compatible with it. I’ll test more software that I use and post them here. Stay tune.

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