XP AntiSpyware 2011 Adware Removal

I don’t know how my aunt computer got this XP AntiSpyware 2011 Adware, but it took over all browsers with tons of virus warning. She couldn’t go to the internet to download stuff to fix the problem, we had to reload windows 7. There are many ways to remove this XP AntiSpyware 2011 Adware on the internet, I wish I had her computer to fix it, but since she’s 500 miles away, it’s not easy and specially she doesn’t know anything about computer. So, if you get infected by this Adware, here are some of the ways I collected on the internet to remove this thing without the need to reinstall windows 7. The best is NOT to have this thing in your computer, use spybot and msse to prevent this from happening. All removal procedures need some type of software, so choose them wisely and free, read and research about these software before using them.

Wiki_Security_SpyHunter Removal tool XP_AntiSpyware_2011_Adware_removal



This is the manual way to remove without any software.

How does a computer get these Rogue Security Software?

My aunt decided to send the PC to me to get it fixed. First thing I did is to turn off the internet, load the Microsoft Security Essentials and run it.

Run full scan with MSSE

When it’s done, it shows many files that should be cleaned (removed) and sure enough the Rogue program was in it.

list of files found that need to be removed

list of files found that need to be removed

list of files found that need to be removed

list of files found that need to be removed

details of files

Removed all and done

The computer now is cleaned. I just had to turn msse and spybot162 all live and let them to monitor my aunt computer in realtime mode. These 2 are the best for free.

Everytime we search for a free or demo software from legitimate companies, but the websites for downloading these files are not. Make sure we download from the original website and not the free hosting websites. Another way to avoid all these spyware, install a Snow Leopard on the computer and use it to surf and download files from the net.



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