Yosemite OSX On HP Envy 4-1117nr Ultrabook

2015-02-07 I think it’s best to patch kexts and dsdt yourself, but in case you have problems doing it, attached are my files for references. These files are patched to work with HP Envy4-1117nr i5-3317u HD4000. Wifi AR9285 & BCM943225HMB. Sleep/wake with lid close/open and no wake after 2 hours.

My Yosemite files for HP Envy4-1117nr

Yosemite OS X’s just been released a few days ago and I got it working on my HP Envy 4-1117nr i5-3317u HD4000. What’s new for installing this OSX. I do like it a lot.

1. All kexts must be signed – to avoid this, must boot with flag kext-dev-mode=1 .

2. If we’ve been using AppleACPIPlatform.kext rolled back version, the serial number is “unavailable” and you can’t go to iCloud or iTunes. Must use the new 3.1 version originally came with the OSX.

rolled back AppleACPIPlatform.kext

3. The sleep will wake up every 2 hours and reboots itself. There is a fix for this.

4. The lid closed doesn’t go to sleep.

5. GenericUSBXHCI.kext from Rehabman to work waking up from sleep and more reliable.

Yosemite OS X


  • Hello Eduard,
    I think your system is installed incorrectly. For IvyBridge, it’s extremely simple. Just follow the way I do it, forget all these distros, kexts installer. They installed things that you don’t know. Show me the device ids of all your components on your laptop. The important things are: Ethernet & Network & Sound, trakpad (synaptics?), everything else is optional.
    -Vanilla installation to a USB external drive.
    -Install kexts using Kext Helper: Rehabman: VoodooPS2.kext, genericusbxhci, Realtek RTL8111, fakeSMC.kext + AHCIportinjector.kext + VoodooHDA.kext (2.8.4)
    -Use the bootloader from USB and boot to the partition.
    -Install Chameleon or Clover (EFI) to the USB external drive.
    -Boot from USB external drive to see if it works.
    -Restore to internal partition drive.
    Again, the Yosemite is different from Mavericks or others, DO NOT use distros.

  • I used your dsdt and ssdt files but they did not help. ACPIBatteryManager.kext do not load.
    Offtopic (just to have a record): When I try to start the system without the -f flag the system hangs waiting for a suitable HDD to start from. Cache has been recreated with kextutiliy so It is a new one. I guess the problem is mine because I deleted by hand all Firewire kext’s and the system did not like it. As a result it didn’t let me recreate the cache, so I had to remove some of the kexts in AppleStorageDrivers.kext. I’d say that maybe a changed AppleStorageDrivers.kext do not load into the cache and that is were the problem comes from. Anyway, it could be a dsdt ssdt problem too.

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