2015 MBZ B Class Electric

We bought a used 2015 MBZ B Class Electric with 15,500 miles. Instead of buying a new 2018 Leaf for $30000 – $7500 (Fed rebate) – $2500 (CA) = $20000, we decided the MBZ B Class is a better choice since the quality is better and we don’t really need the 150 miles range. This car has extended package which can be charged up to 100 miles instead of 88 miles. This car is for my Mom to drive local, driving the kids to/from schools. It’s better looking than the new Leaf, since the is not available new as we bought earlier this year. The 2015 Mercedes B Class 250e timing is perfect, they only made from 2014-2017 and now the 3 years lease return for 2015. The 2015 year will have extend range package that can charge up to 100 miles instead of 2014 as a $600 option. The only draw back for 2015 is that NO heated seats offered as in 2014 standard. The standard range of the car is 85-88 miles, the battery is 28kwh so the average miles per kwh is about 2.8-3 which is less than Nissan Leaf of e-Golf of 4-5 because it’s heavier and more electronic options. One thing we feel good about is the Motor made by Tesla. On the camera, there are 2 types on the same year, one is smaller in display and one is larger with wider angle even with the same display screen 8″.

Since it doesn’t come with spare or anything, we will get a fix a flat tire kit to put in the trunk. They’re not very expensive and seem to work.

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