Looking For The Best EV (Electric Vehicle) – 2018

After 1400 miles, the new car is quite efficient, we can drive over 120 miles. It really serves our needs. With full charge, got to work 24 miles, we still have 140 miles left with car pooling in the morning – average 40mph.

2017 VW e-Golf

We leased our first EV – 2015 eGolf 2 1/2 years ago, it’s time to turn in the 100 miles EV for the new and improved 150 miles range EV these days. We had a few choices, 2017 eGolf, 2018 Nissan Leaf, 2017-2018 Chevy Bolt, 2018-19 Tesla Model 3, and we got our 2nd eGolf due to performance and prices.
Since it doesn’t come with spare or anything, we will get a fix a flat tire kit to put in the trunk. They’re not very expensive and seem to work.

What we’re looking for in the new EV this year.

– Range: We commute from home to work 23 miles each way + errands if we need to. Level 2 Charging system for shorter charging time with .

– Backup Camera, Heated front seats, Apple and Android Carplay (for voice text and navigation), AC, comfort, easy to drive.

– Nice looking car 4 DR, 5 seats.

– Best deal: price and financing.

2018 Nissan Leaf:  This was our first choice since the body style changed from the old and unattractive ones, the new Leaf has better range, nicer body design but the packages are not very well designed: In order to get Heated seats, Apple Carplay we have to get the SV model + cold weather package ~$33000. Since the new car just came out, there’s much discount, so it’s OUT.

2018-19 Tesla model 3: Even with the deposit 2 years ago, there’s still no $35000 basic car, to get one now, the only version available is $52000+ with 300 miles range, no special financing offered either, so it’s definitely OUT.

2017-2018 Chevy Bolt: 238 mile range, $38000-42000 and the local Chevy dealers don’t have cars to show, all sold out. We’re not too crazy about the look of it. The interior is quite plastic and cheaply made. There seems to be no discounts since there are no allocation. We didn’t like the rear lights, wavy LED strips, the wheel base is short hence the ride is bouncy? On 2018 model, my co-worker had a leased deal for 3 years 12k miles for 1 payment of $11000 – $2500 (from CA) – $500 $800(PG&E) = $8k which I think it’s a good deal.

2017 e-Golf SE, the most sensible EV car for us. It came with mud guards front and rear, perfect for a white car. It’s cute and my daughter who’s going to be driving it in a few years.

– 150 miles – 128 freeway @ 60-65 MPH and with 237 & 880 commute, average mph is 37. So the range is well enough for us.

– Comes standard with Heated seats, Apple CarPlay, AC, Key Less entry and start/stop. Alloy wheels with friction less tires are standard.

The deal on Spring event was unbelievable with Sunnyvale Volkswagen.

– The sticker price was 32440 – selling price was 24950 = 7490.

– VW credit offered 0% for 60 months or .9% for 72 months. We got the 0% for 60 months.

– My lease on 2015 eGolf SEL traded in early, they gave me full Kelly Blue Book.

We did walk out the finance office happily with the perfect deal – The people there were quite professional and easy to deal with, no high pressure sales of any kind.

The purchase is much better than the lease due to payments, tax and interests on the lease is much higher. The only draw back is that the $7500 from Federal was included in the lease, but not on the purchase which we have to file income tax next year to get it, delay 1 year. 

Either way, in + , so total, we will get $10500 cash back within a year.

If we subtract the rebate, the brand new e-Golf only cost us $14450. This is a deal that no other car can compete with 0% interest for 60 months.

My daughter loves the white color and the CarPlay. On cold days, the heated seats come in handy and AC on hot day.

New rules for Federal $7500 is only applied to manufacturer that sold less than 200k cars, so check the BOLT and Tesla. Nissan Leaf has been selling quite well in the last many years.

For California CVRP $2500 rebate, sometimes they , but it’s random, I and my friend bought the day and I had to turn in the IRS form, but he doesn’t.

PG&E sends the $500 check quite quickly as soon as they approved the application, only requirement is the car valid registration and not the temporary one which CVRP accepts.

It’s great to live in California and be green, we get paid for being green. One thing is the road noise on the eGolf is quite noticeable at night compared to my Audis.

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