A8 D2 Valve Cover Gasket Replacement

Well, my A8 was bleeding terribly since it has 162k miles. I decided to change some gaskets where I see possible leaks. Valve cover gasket and the camshaft rear cover seal.

A8 is bleeding badly

possible leaks at valve cover gasket

There are references on the internet and especially @ audipages.com where I used the information for this. This is for me to remember how to do it next time or next car.

Order parts from autohausaz.com, free shipping and order on Monday, sure will have them on Friday for the weekend chores.

Take off all the audi engine covers, air duct for fuel injection system, I even remove the air cleaner to have more room to work on. When everything is done, we will have the valve cover with spark plug wires. One good thing about A8 is I only need 1 size 10mm socket for bolts. There are 2 6 or 8 mm hex bolt in the middle that are every easy to forget, SO DON’T FORGET and hammer the the cover away to break it. Remember a little tap in the top left corner would break it loose.

all the bolts that need to be off in the process

There are things in the way of removing the valve cover, sparkplugs wires, breather hose, two gas return hoses, 2 wires (1 from the exhaust manifold and bunch from the lower right corner of the valve cover.

Removing all the spark plugs wires, 8 bolts: 2 for each spark plugs. Remove the wires from the groove of the plastic holder. Remove the holder (2 bolt) also.

Gently and carefully pull all spark plug covers out

Remove the breather hose and electrical wiring attached to the spark plugs wires bundle.

Breather hose very soft and brittle, don't crack or break it

wires bundle under here with 10mm bolt to engine

Take these 2 wires and all spark plug wires to the back

Move everything back out of the way

There are two gas return hoses which need to be removed, watch out for some dripping of gas if any. 2 17mm open wrench and 1 14mm needed for this task.

1 17mm & 1 14mm for this one

2 17mm for this one

push everything back and ready to remove 8 bolts

Now we’re ready to remove 8 bolts of the valve cover, 6 hex-cap 10mm and 2 hex 6-8mm (I forgot- and don’t forget these 2)

2 of these hex on the valve cover besides 6 10mm hex-cap

When all bolts are out, we should have 8 total

8 bolts: 6 10mm hex cap and 2 hex 6-8mm

Tap gently with a rubber mallet on the top left valve cover and it should break loose right away, lift it up slowly and carefully top first.

lift up and out slowly and carefully

The new gasket set for the passenger side only.

gasket set for passenger side from autohausaz $28.

head without cover

Remove the rear camshaft cover gasket, use star T27 to remove 2 bolts diagonally.

T27 star to remove camshaft cover bolts (2)

T27 star and 2 bolts out

Clean the cover and place the new ring gasket in the camshaft cover and put it back. Ring gaskets are bought from dealers for $9 a piece which sold online for about $6 plus shipping. Autohausaz.com doesn’t have this one.

clean the cover and place new ring gasket

cover with new ring gasket

Next is the valve cover gasket installation, don’t forget the little half circle block, place this one first.

half circle block

half circle block in top view

Remove the old gaskets and place new one, apply some gasket sealant on the surface after mounting the gasket securely onto the valve cover grooves and DON’T FORGET SOME ON THE HALF CIRCLE BLOCK.

New gasket on the grooves securely

apply some head gasket sealant on the gasket surface

Wait for the sealant to be hazy, not totally dried and put back in the head, carefully and slowly and surely, bottom first. Tighten the bolts: 2 hex first hand tight, then 6 hex cap diagonally 4 corner, middle 2, then 2 hex again and other corner again… slowly and evenly.

Sparkplug rail

Sparkplug covers back in place

Don’t forget the gas return hoses and 2 electrical wires

Gas return hoses back

Electrical wires (2)

Put back all the covers and Fuel Injection air duct, starts the car and make sure there’s no leak anywhere.

It’s been 2 days and the floor is still clean. BTW, after the installation, the check engine light came on, may be due to the gas return lines removal, we need to reset with the vagcom.


  • I was just informed that the drivers side valve gasket cannot be replaced by itself. Audi has said I need to buy the entire valve cover for the driver side.

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