How To Replace Rear EPB Brake Pads On A8L

After a few months of driving – I confirmed that brake pad thickness must be entered for the eBrake to know when to warn when the pads are low.

I inspected the rear brake pads on my 2006 A8 L and the pads seemed to be low, but the brake warning light WAS NOT ON. The rear brake pads on A8 D3 Electronic Power Brake (EPB) or eBrake don’t have sensors wires, I didn’t know and I bought one with them, they’re not usable because there aren’t any hook ups. The outside pads are thicker than the inside pads, so if we just inspect the outside pads and not looking at the inside, by the time the outside pads are low, the inside pads would wear out to the metal and it will destroy the rotors.

old uneven pads

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