• hi. just want to know how to get the voice control active in 2006 audi a8? thanks

      • thanks. i checked the vag-com and in item 77, i chose 7 for english US and accepted the coding and voice control is checked. still wont work, is there anything else i should look? there is a speech module installed on radio

        • What happens when you press the voice button on the steering wheel? Any response from the voice control system?

          • no response. actually i have a bigger problem, i tried to update to 4610 and after pressing restart mmi, my unit never came back, now it is dead. trying to figure out to get it back online, the screen is stuck in up position, cd changer is working

          • your procedure must be wrong or the CD is not verified. Hope you get it back to working unit. Did you do everything according to my videos?

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