Things We Should Know About The A8 D3

Alright, I got my car last year and here are all the things I had to learn about my 2006 A8L. I sum it up here if one may need to know.

Things we should know about Audi in case of emergency.

Program Rolling Codes Garage Door

Program Bluetooth NON-Iphone

Program Bluetooth with Iphones

Basic Voice Command Bluetooth Phone and Navigation

In case the MMI needs to be reset and enable hidden menu if you have VCDS

Update MMI from 1190 to 3360

Update MMI from 3360 to 4160 (you can go straight from 1190 to 4160 but I didn’t do it)

Add AMI original OEM or after market like mine

Please Check Navigation DVD

If the trunk lid doesn’t pop up, either buy a updated version motor for $500 stronger pull or fix with a spring like mine (it’s been working for almost a year now).

There are other things can be done to the car, but not really important to me.


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