MMI Software Update From 1190 To 3360

If your software version is below 1190, you must update to 3360 before 4610 to avoid component protection (CP). In case you have CP, you can try to remove it –

Unless you have all the right equipment to update – leave it to the dealers to do it or you may brick your MMI Head Unit and it’s costly to replace. Don’t update software if everything is working, unless you have to when .

The software on mine is 1190 – latest is 4610 – The intermediate is 3360 where AMI is supported and NAV 10 also. Many people upgraded directly from 1190 to 4610, if you’re doing that way, then just use instead of the intermediate 4F0 906 961 AB.

1. Remove all the CD out of the CD changer.

2. Put in the update CD to CD1 (first slot).

3. Charge the battery or keep the engine running outside and NOT in the garage (CO poisoning). 

4. Watch the Video below for a few times – After the update, you will , you will need a .

A8 D3 Software Version 11.9.0


MMI 1190

This is the old 1190 screen and functions.

This is the procedure I did on my 06 A8. After the update – Battery Level option was taken out, I need to use VAG-COM VCDS to put it back in – All the voice control telephone and navigation directory have to be re programmed. Now, I can use the Nav DVD 2010. It took almost 1 hour to update.

Must use the charger with at least 6A and charge while updating. The cd is 4F0 906 961 AB.


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