Our 06 A8L D3

March 23, 2013 I took the bus to OC to see some friends and get ready to pick up the “new to me 06 A8L” in Brentwood (LA) on Sunday. After almost 1 month, I and the seller agreed to materialize the deal. Everyone was happy, win-win, as they say (he did try to sell for more and I did try to find better deal). The “nice man” was so motivated to sell, he took over 100 pictures of his car and sent them to me over the internet with his iPhone one picture at a time (100 emails – amazing).

Edmunds appraisal

The deal was on Sunday, the cashier check was copy and emailed to the nice man for him to verify with the bank to make sure it’s bona fide. The rest is just making sure I’m happy with the actual condition of the car before I give him the check and take the package: car, keys, pink slip, records. Everything was based on trust after 1 month long of emailing back and forth.

The car was kept very well, nothing to complain about with a great deal I got from “the nice man”, BTW, it’s not the car from an old lady in Pasadena.

I’ve had A8 before, but this D3 is amazing, solid and has many more options. It’s fast and agile, comfortable and safe. It’s beautiful and drives wonderfully.

A8L     06 A8L

A8L      06 A8L

A8L      06 A8L

A8L      06 A8L

4.2L V8 335hp with 6 speed Quattro gives great gas mileage for highway – 335 miles over 13.77 gallons. City mileage is much lower 15-16 or so.

A8L      06 A8L

All options and indicators are working.

A8L      06 A8L

A8L      06 A8L

A8L      06 A8L

The ventilated seats, I can’t feel much, but the massage seat really helps on long drive like this, especially when the lower back got tired and sore. It does release the pressure.

The handling of the car is wonderful, I took the 152 hwy for being a winding road to test the car, it performed beautifully.


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