The Ultimate Driving Machine – Audi A8L

BMW has always been known for being the Ultimate Driving Machine – I’ve owned a few of them and they did drive very well but in the last many years, we (I & Wife) have been driving our new and improved Ultimate Driving Machine – AUDI. To us, Audi cars are nice looking, comfortable, nice handling, safe and reliable (WHAT?). Yes, they are to us, may be we’ve been lucky or the way we maintain our cars – well – whatever the case may be, we like them, and the cost of driving them is actually less than any other car we know. Some people wonder how can Audi cars be reliable if I have a whole blog talking about fixing them. Well, what’s made to fail, will fail, but less or more, that’s the question. We just got our new to us 2006 A8L. This is absolutely the ultimate driving machine, no wonder many BMW, Mercedes, Lexus owners have been switching to this flagship A8 – A8L –

Just like buying any used car – I did my research thoroughly about the car and options, trouble spots, reviews – be patient to wait for the right car on the market – be ready – pull the trigger when everything is right – Like people say, luck always comes with people who’re prepared.

1. Searching for Audi A8L.

2. Got our beautiful 2006 A8L.

3. Gas mileage (Can we afford driving the car).

2006 A8L

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