Replace Audi A8 D3 Battery

After 11 years, my 2006 A8L Varta original battery 4E0 915 105 A 850CCA died over a few weeks and it no longer held charge. I bought a battery from Walmart EverStart Maxx H8 with 900CCA to replace it. The H8 is the same size as group 49 which is smaller than the original Varta 95R/H9. It’s actually 1.5″ shorter but other dimensions are the same. When the battery no longer holds charge, the battery charging indicator will show 0% instead of 100%. According to Audi, after a new battery is installed, we must re-code the battery energy management system to accept a new battery with serial number but we need VCDS to do it. For those who don’t have the $349 VCDS, the battery will be learned by the system and charge accordingly. People believe if we don’t re-code the battery, the battery won’t last as long. So, after I replaced the battery, the charging indicator showed 20% charging, but after driving about 10 miles, it went up to 70%, left overnight it became 100%, so the system is really working without re-coding. Since I have the VCDS, I’ll re-code.

MMI Battery Indicator % Low     EverStart Maxx H8 vs Audi H9 Varta Battery

EverStart Maxx H8 height vs Audi H9 Varta Battery     EverStart Maxx H8 width vs Audi H9 Varta Battery

Audi A8 D3 battery charging indicator 70% after 10 miles     battery_charging_level_100%

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