Replace Front Brake Pads On 2006 A8L

The brake pads and rotors were replaced by the dealer at 55k miles-It’s 77k miles now and the brake pad warning light just came on. I planned to use the old rotors so I replace it right away to make sure they don’t get destroyed by the pads. This is how I did mine. Turning rotors at Parts House in Fremont only cost $15.

The pads actually are still good for at least a few thousand miles, but I didn’t really want to see the warning lights on the dash board. I got ceramic Power Stop for the front and Bendix for the rear. I do like American Brakes companies.

pad thickness with warning light     Power Stop Ceramic

front pads     Bendix Rear Metallic



  • Hi! You’re my go to for anything with my D3. What is the torque for the 2 bolts on the back of the caliper??

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