Things Can Be Done With Audi MMI 2G

2016-02-28 Use Raspberry Pi 2 to Stream Media to MMI

My 2006 Audi A8L ┬áhas MMI 2G system which is the same as the Q7. Since I had the FBAS installed, I’ve been adding stuff onto the MMI system.

1. Back Up Camera.

2. AMI Audi Ipod Interface (after market).

3. TV OTA analog/digital/mobile system.

4. Netbook Integration to watch movies.


5. Install MP3 CD player to play MP3 CDs.

Configure Netbook with TV tuner

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  • Hello
    I have Audi q7 2g mmi and ami, back up cam ,nav
    How i can connect raspbery pi or something similar
    Can i connect directly to ami with cable or no?
    I saw adapter for ami with rca av cables
    Can i use that one and connect to ami and to rasbery pi or no?
    Where i can connect video signal?
    Thank you

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