Things Can Be Done With Audi MMI 2G

2016-02-28 Use Raspberry Pi 2 to Stream Media to MMI

My 2006 Audi A8L  has MMI 2G system which is the same as the Q7. Since I had the FBAS installed, I’ve been adding stuff onto the MMI system.

1. Back Up Camera.

2. AMI Audi Ipod Interface (after market).

3. TV OTA analog/digital/mobile system.

4. Netbook Integration to watch movies.


5. Install MP3 CD player to play MP3 CDs.

Configure Netbook with TV tuner

One thought to “Things Can Be Done With Audi MMI 2G”

  1. Hello
    I have Audi q7 2g mmi and ami, back up cam ,nav
    How i can connect raspbery pi or something similar
    Can i connect directly to ami with cable or no?
    I saw adapter for ami with rca av cables
    Can i use that one and connect to ami and to rasbery pi or no?
    Where i can connect video signal?
    Thank you

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