Vag-Com Codes For A4 B6

We can program many special functions for Audis with a lap top, OBD-II and software from ROSS-TECH

04 cabriolet



  • Greetings! Thank you for your posts on the A4 Cabriolet B6. I have a 2003 model that is still a joy to drive (with 99,000 miles on it now). My trunk lock stopped working a few weeks ago. After replacing the actuator myself, it still was not working, and I realized that the circuit itself was not activating. I finally found your post on the top sensor fault, and, sure enough, I could not open the top. I think my Audi is experiencing the same problems as yours was. You were able to fix it by manually opening and closing the top. However, I live in Minnesota, and it is very cold, even in my garage, which makes me reluctant to try the manual reset now (predicted low temperatures are below zero F this week, for example).

    My question to you is will an electronic reset of the car’s sensor do the trick instead? (My convertible top is closed. I also have replaced the battery, which was weak and 5 years old.)

    If so, I may contact the dealer to have him do this rather than waiting for a month or two for the weather to warm up. Any advice you provide will be greatly appreciated!

    • Wear something warm, do it quickly, heat the garage first before you go out to do this chore 🙂 How do you reset the car sensor? VCDS? It doesn’t work, I did try it. There is no sensor to reset, either they work or they don’t. Just try to do something simple like manual reset. This is the only broken switch on my car that caused all the problem. I don’t know what to tell you, to me, nothing the dealer can do that you can’t do yourself, these cars are not rocket science.

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