8 Reasons You Did Not Get The Job

The economy is slowly getting better, although the unemployment rate is still very high in CA, many companies are looking for people, but can’t fill the positions because of lacking qualified candidates. When we get the interviews, there may be some reasons we didn’t get the job, here are 8 of the main ones.

Micro Center (Santa Clara) Closes Its Door

Micro Center (Santa Clara) is my alternative electronics retailer for all my computer upgrades, they do have great prices and services besides Fry’s Electronics here in Sunnyvale. These days, the economy seems to get better, shopping centers seem to raise their leases when they end, Micro Center (Santa Clara) is one of the businesses can’t

5 High-Paying-Low-Stress Jobs

Imagine the following scenario. Someone asks you how work is going and you say, “Not bad. The pay is great and the stress is manageable.” According to research from online salary database PayScale.com, that could be your reality if you choose one of the following well-paying jobs where workers report below-average levels of stress. readmore…

Chả Cá Thăng Long-Lã Vọng (Cali) – Stir-Fry Swai Fish Fillets

The famous Chả cá Thăng Long – Lã Vọng have been very popular in VN communities and many restaurants call it with their own names by modifying the recipes to their conveniences. Well, Chef Audie has her own recipe also but it tastes better than many restaurants. This recipe is easy to make and takes

10 Things We Didn’t Know About Social Security

When we get married, having children, we started to prepare for everything, kids colleges and our retirement. Social Security comes to minds although we don’t expect to get much from it, but it’s nice to know it may exist when we retire. How much do we need to save for retirement, this is a very