Swai Fish & Orange Dish

In order to fight Obesity, we try to cook at home as often as we can and the weekly menu has to consist of all types of meats and swai fish fillets are one of them. Since we have an orange tree that produces many oranges yearly, we create an orange – swai fish fillet

First Day Of School At Ardenwood Elementary

Audie (5th) & Brandino (3rd) couldn’t wait to go back to school since last weekend. They want to see their friends and new teachers, we don’t know how Ardenwood does it, but the kids love the school. 

Korean Bulgogi BBQ Beef Dinner From Costco

Chef Audie likes beef and she loves Korean Bulgogi BBQ beef from Costco. It’s quite inexpensive, marinated and ready to cook for a very tasty dinner. We had a blast.