2015 MB B-Class 250e Electric Drive

We’re slowly moving to all EV (Electric Vehicles) for our fleet. My mother in-law 2004 Honda Accord’s starting to fail more often, CEL (Check Engine Light) and Power Door Lock not functioning. I think Honda quality for this series is bad, anyhow, it’s time to get an EV for her so no more car maintenance, gas price worries or smog check every 2 years, just charge and drive. After looking at all the EVs out there, Nissan Leaf, Chevy Bolt, VW e-Golf, all of them prices are too high and don’t look good. The e-Golf is great but no more new cars until 2019-20. Luckily we found the 2015 Mercedes B Class 250e, it’s perfect timing, they only made from 2014-2017 and now the 3 years lease return for 2015. The 2015 year will have extend range package that can charge up to 100 miles instead of 2014 as a $600 option. The only draw back for 2015 is that NO heated seats offered as in 2014 standard. The standard range of the car is 85-88 miles, the battery is 28kwh so the average miles per kwh is about 2.8-3 which is less than Nissan Leaf of e-Golf of 4-5 because it’s heavier and more electronic options. One thing we feel good about is the Motor made by Tesla. On the camera, there are 2 types on the same year, one is smaller in display and one is larger with wider angle.

Mercedes of Steven Creek - Slava and Karen

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