rusted hole
2015 | Bathrooms

Fix Rusted Holes In Iron Bathtub

   11/29/2021 So after 6 years, the original JBweld piece got loose and leaked water through the bottom to the garage ceiling. This time I bought a stainless steel metal plate and cut the ring and the hole to glue it to the tub using JBweld adhesive. We’re going to replace the old shower door, […]


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Being Frugal

Save On Yearly Xbox Live Membership With

My son like to play games live on Xbox 360. The yearly subscription with MS website is $59, and I found 12 month subscription on for $32.99. I was skeptical so I Google the website, people said it’s legitimate. I have Paypal (it’s safe if the website is NOT legitimate),  so I tried and it […]


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