Save On Yearly Xbox Live Membership With

My son like to play games live on Xbox 360. The yearly subscription with MS website is $59, and I found 12 month subscription on for $32.99. I was skeptical so I Google the website, people said it’s legitimate. I have Paypal (it’s safe if the website is NOT legitimate),  so I tried and it took less than 10 minutes, my son started to play with Xbox Live already. I don’t know how they do it, but I save almost 50%.

order confirmation     Use Paypal needs to confirm account with phone number for texting or call the pin code.

text pin code     Redeem Code Sent

After I got the redeem code – it’s an image, couldn’t copy and paste the number, so I had to write it down before copy and paste it in the Xbox live website.

Xbox Redeem Code     Email Confirmation

Check the Xbox Live Status, and it’s there right away… love the fast internet.

tn_subscription     xboxlive status

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