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Fix LG Tromm Gas Dryer Not Heating Up

7/13/2016 The Dryer had no heat again, reset the switch and it failed in about 10 minutes. This time, I opened the filter and fan cover – it was amazingly dirty and clogged with lints. Cleaned and vacuum everything thoroughly, put everything back and it’s working ever since. 05/15/2016 The dryer has no heat again […]


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2016 | Do You Believe In Karma?

Where Do I Belong?

[lightgallery]     Since kinder garten, I don’t remember how many times I had to write essays about “Who Am I?”. Now when I’m older, having a family with children, I think the essay that everyone should write is “Where Do I Belong?”. Every morning, when the lights in the bedroom turned on by my […]


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Democrat or Republican President? Does It Really Matter?

Bernie Sanders has already changed America, even if he loses the nomination to Hillary Clinton. Oscar-winner Charles Ferguson explains why. Posted by HuffPost Politics on Friday, March 4, 2016 02/10/2016 New Hampshire Results      National Debts This year is the Presidential Election again, wow that is fast, it’s been 8 years already? It didn’t matter […]


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