Crazy Rich Asians, The Movie

My daughter is 14 and she insisted me to take her to see the movie “Crazy Rich Asians”, based on the novel by Kevin Kwan and directed by , so after the High School’s orientation yesterday, we went to Century 25 theater near our home to catch the 3:25PM show. It was a $5 day,

Replace 10″ Harbor Freight Miter Saw Blade

In order to cut bamboo planks to sizes, we need a miter saw, we had an old one from Harbor Freight Tools many years ago, the blade was rusted and dull, we got one from Amazon for a very low price with fast shipping from Prime. The Overpeak blade was so good, it cuts wood

How To Stop Snoring

I’ve been snoring since forever, it’s so loud that I have to sleep in a different room with my family. I’d tried Zyppah mouth piece and it only helped if I sleep sideways which is the same as if I don’t have it. For $99 it’s a great mouth guard for grinding teeth, but not