Tire Insurance Hard Sell At Tire Shop

2012-11-24 I received the $100 VISA from American Tire last week, the last time.

So, last Friday and Sat, I received a promotion through email from American Tire, my A6 needs tires badly and I’ve been waited for this sale the whole year (trying to be frugal). There are 1 thing I dislike is the pushy salesmen on anything insurance sales. These days, everywhere we go, electronics, tools, tires, cars dealers, we get these salesmen try to push sales on insurance on the stuff we buy and some people can’s say no and spend money that would hurt their budgets. They use all types of analogies, health, auto, life insurance for these merchandises.

So, I chose the cheapest tires exist since I don’t drive much with this old car, Falken 512 for $65 a piece. In California, with all the tax, disposal fees, mounting and balancing came up to $365 for a set of 4 tires. The salesman try to sell me something better (or  NOT) for $5 to $15 more per tire, I declined. Then the tire insurance in case it punctured by something on the side wall which can’t be patched or fixed for $11 a piece. Anyhow, the tire is $65 – $25 (rebate) = $40. and why would I buy insurance for $11.00? Yes, if I drive and don’t watch the road for these debris that can harm my tires, I deserve to spend money to pay for them. The guy kept pushing and pushing, he felt offended when I declined everything. Finally he gave up, wrote up everything as I printed out from the internet. Guess what?

I made an appointment at 9AM, I went there at 8:55AM, not many cars were there, everything was written up and paid on time and they didn’t work on my car until 90 minutes later, I didn’t pick up the car for 2 hours. All the people who came later and bought something, get their cars done before me. I was waiting in the show room and watch everything going on. It’s OK, I brought my laptop to write this article while waiting. The only thing I didn’t like is when I asked one of the salesman about my car, he told me that I was promised 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes, then I would get my car in 90 minutes. Normally, the floor leads would bring the work order to the show room, call the name of the person and delivered the car out front, but in my case, the lead brought the paper work inside, left it on the table. When I asked for my car after 2 hour waiting (that’s when I saw the car was done through the windows), the salesman looked at the paper work on the table and told me the car was done half an hour ago and asked me if I was at the shop. He lied straight to my face. I just said I was there the whole time. I wouldn’t mind waiting, people need to make money, especially these salesmen, but just please don’t lie with a straight face.

I’m glad I only change tires once every few years, I will not come to this American Tires in Union City ever again. Last time I was at Fremont one, people were much more professional.


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