Audie First Star Test

Audie took the first STAR (Standardized Testing And Reporting) at the end of her 2nd grade. She was so excited about the results, she checked the mail every week for the whole summer. The reason is that we would reward her with a build-a-bear if her score is over 90%. Actually, she was so sure that she’s made the score, she bugged us every week, we gave in and got her the bear a few weeks ago.

The score came last week, she had 455/600. Everything was good except 1 category that brought the score down. Anyhow, we think Audie did quite well (although she does drag the API of her school down) providing no tutoring, no weekend study only play. We want our kids to have fun and live happily and no kids are happy studying. We think “out going” personality is more important than a bookworm with boring personality. All kids are smart, but having happy life and wit are not many. Audie now still wants more presents for getting less than 80% score. I think I’ll give it to her because of her persistence and logical argument, I’d said ‘if you get 90 or more, I’ll give you whatever you want’ and she said she got ‘455’ much more than ’90’, ‘daddy never said 90 percent’. Yes, I never mention 90%, I just assume she would understand automatically… She got me and I actually learned a lesson, “be clear about everything”. She would be an excellent lawyer.

Audie first day of her 3rd grade at Ardenwood Elementary.

first star test

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