Disneyland CA 2012

So, Audie is 8 and Brando is almost 6 and it’s their first time to Disneyland. I was shocked to see the prices on line. I remembered the last time it was $32-36, it must have been a while then.

sticker shock

Brando didn’t make the Indiana Jones ride, it requires 46″ tall and with shoes, he’s still shorter about 1/2″, but he didn’t mind because he’s not like Audie, adventurous and loves excitement.

We planned the trip and drive down to OC on Thursday so we can spend the whole Friday in Disneyland (avoid traffic both on the street and the park). I was not happy that they have 2 parks now, if you want to go parks hopping you have to pay extra for it. Well, my children are young, they only need the original park for now (NOT adventure park). Some of my co-workers advice us about fast passes on certain popular rides and it really helped to shorter the wait time at the lines, but I have to walk so much, from one side of the park to the other because the kids only like Splash mountain and Space mountain (they’re on the opposite side of each other).

The parking is $15 all day, which means you can drive out and come back in (we went out to have Sizzler buffet very close by). Disneyland is better than other parks, they let you to bring your drink and food inside, not like some parks who threw all my new water bottles away, well, I haven’t been back there for a few years now, I hate it when businesses hold me hostage for anything.

All the rides were nice, especially the fireworks, it must cost a bundle to have the flying Dumbo and Tinker Bell with beautiful fireworks. Now I know why the entry fee is up there. Our kids didn’t care for the 4 – 6 PM parades, they should be at night with lights and stuff. They didn’t even get excited watching the parades.

When the fireworks was over, Audie already asked if we could come back next year, I told her she can have one choice, Cancun or Disneyland but not both. Audie thought for a while and came up with a plan, one year Cancun and one year Disneyland (it was so cute and innocent). Mommy jumped in “No, we can go to both Cancun and Disneyland”. Audie and Brando yelled “Yahoooooo”.  We’re just happy we can afford to make our kids so joyful. It was a hard day, more tiring than a whole week of work, walking, driving… my whole body ached but it’s worth it.

Disneyland 2012

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