2013 | Being Frugal

Add Freon To Older Car AC System

It’s been hot in the last few days in Silicon Valley, my sister’s Mitsubishi Montero AC system doesn’t blow cold any more. These days, in CA with all the environmental people trying to make a buck, it’s hard to find Freon R134A for any car. We have to take the car to the dealers or […]

2013 | Being Frugal | Home Stuff

Comcast Triple Play

We’ve just signed up Triple Combo with Comcast Cable: TV, Phone and Internet for $99 a month. We think it’s a great deal because our cable internet is already $60, ATT land line phone with basic already creeps up to $30+. We’ve been using OTA HD TV with simple HD antenna and it’s been working […]

Being Frugal | Finance

The Ultimate Driving Machine – Audi A8L

BMW has always been known for being the Ultimate Driving Machine – I’ve owned a few of them and they did drive very well but in the last many years, we (I & Wife) have been driving our new and improved Ultimate Driving Machine – AUDI. To us, Audi cars are nice looking, comfortable, nice […]

Being Frugal

Buy Used Or New Cars?

Yesterday, while we’re going to the market, my wife noticed a small little car was on the test drive with the price $14999 sticker on the front windshield.  A young girl was test driving it and seemed very excited with the car. I looked at the car and told my wife that car should be […]

Being Frugal | Current Events

Avoid E15 Gas

If our cars are older than 2012, don’t use E15 gas, it’s potentially damage the engine and many car manufacturers will not honor the warranty if used with this E15 gas. What’s E15 gas, it’s 15% Ethanol and 85% gas, most of the gas these days already has Ethanol already, Arco, Costco, etc, but they […]

Being Frugal | Two Pennies

Beware Of Instant Rebates At Costco

Costco is a great place to buy more stuff than you can use, all their warehouses are always crowded, you walk in, walk out spending over $100 for a few items and wondering “what the heck did I just buy that cost this much?”. Costco sells in volumes and you buy to store your stuff […]

2012 | Being Frugal

Tire Insurance Hard Sell At Tire Shop

2012-11-24 I received the $100 VISA from American Tire last week, the last time. So, last Friday and Sat, I received a promotion through email from American Tire, my A6 needs tires badly and I’ve been waited for this sale the whole year (trying to be frugal). There are 1 thing I dislike is the […]