Feng Cha TeaHouse

So my two teenagers insisted on trying a new hip expensive desserts place in Newark. This place used to be King fast food many years ago, sitting right next to the famous coffee shop Starbucks. Regardless, the kids went in with mommy while I went next door for real food, quesadilla LOL for $4. My son ate most of it.
Feng Cha is so crowded, it must be good, the place is clean and there quite a few tables to sit.
My daughter got some kind of cakes and they both got their drinks, I didn’t even dare to ask how much, but what’s matter if the kids are happy, right? Anyhow, mommy was paying for it while I went shopping next door for real food. I’m not crazy about spending a Big Mac combo meal price for a drink which they all look the same regardless on which place you go.
Anyhow, not sure the kids would move to a new place soon. There are tons of these popping up all over the area.

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