Gamble With Diamond Lane

Every morning we take car pool lane to work, and every few days, we see these single drivers driving in the car pool lane and some did get caught by the CHPs. These drivers seem to like to gamble with the $371 fine if get caught. I don’t know if it’s worth the time, the excitement of NOT getting caught or what, but the fine is extremely hefty. These drivers don’t seem like they have lots of money to throw away, but they keep doing it. I know we don’t have $400-$500 to throw away or to gamble with the law. They may be late for work or other errands , but even on a light traffic day like yesterday, the flow of traffic for both diamond lane and others are almost the same, this girl still drove on the diamond lane and get caught by a CHP. Now I know why people like that are strapped for money or in debt because it’s not easy to save $371.

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