Nintendo After Sale Service Is The Best

On our daughter birthday this year in January, we got her and her brother each a Nintendo 3DS XL from Walmart (best price then). Two weeks ago, my daughter took the Nintendo to Great America and for some reasons, the screen was black  (the back light was dead), she’s sad and scared for breaking it (she thought). I called the Nintendo service number, I couldn’t believe a native speaking person was on the phone, very politely took care of everything, it was on Sunday. On Monday, I received email with links for shipping labels to send the broken Nintendo 3DS XL. I sent the same day and today, less than 2 weeks, my daughter was ecstatic to see the package. Everything was fixed and she was worried that the service department was going to charge us money to fix, and it would be out of her college fund. The unit was fixed without any questions or concerns on why it failed, it’s like the service people know that a 10 year old girl was worried, anxious and they didn’t want her to be unhappy.

My kids love Nintendo stuff, they still have the Cube 64 of some kind, Wii, Nintendo DS, and now 3DS XL. Nintendo is a quality company from the game consoles, games software to services, no wonder they’re the best. Yes, their games are expensive, we only bought 2 games for the kids to share so far for these Nintendo 3DS XL, Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, and they’re $40 each.

Nintendo 3DS XL

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