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Every year, we budget some money to retrofit something in the house, this year, we replaced our Chandeliers with modern LED bulbs Chandeliers from Lamps Plus. We bought 2 chandeliers from Lamps Plus when they’re on sale with very low price. The quality of the chandeliers is very good. We checked out the bulbs style and ordered some LED bulbs from China. We didn’t know about the sizes and how big they are until they arrived, they’re a lot bigger than the original bulbs. We improvised.

original bulb and LED bulb     modify to install the bigger bulb

The ceiling is high, we need to drop the chain all the way to have access to the base easily. We even mounted some wood block on the ladder to stand on.

high ceiling base     wood block on the ladder to stand on

Turn OFF light switch and breaker to make sure the power is OFF – remove the old base carefully.

remove old base     remove old wiring

It’s important to measure the length of the supporting cables and set them before mounting them with the base to the ceiling. Mount the base plate first. One person lift the light and one person mount the supported cables and electrical cable onto the base, quickly and tightly. It’s very tiring to hold the hands up for a long time if NOT well prepared. It should take less than 2 minutes. There are 3 screws, 2 are sliding and 1 screw in the hole, make sure the screws on the sliding base are out enough to slide the base in easily, then put the last screw in the hole. Tighten everything and we’re done with the mounting. Next is the wiring, it should be easy.

mount the base plate first     mount the supported cable fixture to the base

connect electrical wires     Adjust the cables to level the chandelier

The light fully assembled is pretty heavy, but it did take a long time to install all bulbs and glass cover, it’s best is to assemble everything, make sure it works first and mount the whole light. We did it with the second chandelier.

turn on the light and verify all bulbs are on     clip the long electical cable to the support cable

The chandelier on the stairs were done faster but actually harder to do.

second chandelier     second chandelier

second chandelier with helps     second chandelier with helps

Finished in a few hours – nice LED chandeliers

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