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No Child Left Behind

I a true believer in “US is the best place to live-raise a family”, all human rights are protected, especially with children are well taken care of by law.

I always care for children regardless of who they are, color, races, backgrounds. I really support the No Child Left Behind act although I don’t really know what it’s all about, but I have an idea that it helps all children to have education.

I have a sister who’s a school teacher, she told me that the problem is not just school’s resources, it’s the attitude of the students influenced by the parents “no need school”, “what for”, therefore it doesn’t matter what kind of laws, rights or acts enforced, the children will not get the best education if the parents are not well informed or educated. But if all parents are well informed and educated then we need not have these acts.

The children are NOT left behind by the schools, they’re left behind by the parents, if the parents don’t believe in education, why would the kids?

The sad thing is there will be many students who really want to have a good education and the parents too, but they live in a NOT so good schools area, these people should have grants to help them move to a better area with better schools for these kids to have a better environment so they can excel. We have housing subsidies for low income people, we should have housing subsidies for eager to learn children families. How do we find out if these great kids and parents are for real? Look at the kids track records in schools and grant helps accordingly.

We can’t force a person an education, they must have the will to learn, I can’t force my sister to go to school to get a college degree even though the whole family would chip in to pay for it. The will to learn, make we learn faster, more efficient. We should help the children and the parents who want to learn just like college students, but helping the kids when they’re little is much more important than when they’re already in high school. These kids must be raised in good environment and the good communities do cost more money to live, but subsidize for the these kids families to live in better place will help the society in the future.

No children asked to be born to live poorly, without love, neglected by the irresponsible parents.

A Good Environment does help anyone because good influence is as effective as bad influence.

With millions of dollars the government pissed on these failed Green companies, how many of these great kids families can be saved to better environments?

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