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2013 Growing With Our Children

Paint Old Bike – Hand Me Down

Audie turned 9 and Brandie 6, Audie got a bigger and new bike while Brandie will take over the “princesses” bike from Audie. We could buy a new one for Brandie, but it would be wasteful since “Princesses” bike is still good. Audie persuades Brandie to paint her bike to a boy’s bike. Brandie likes to do stuff so he agrees to take the hand-me-down “Princesses” bike with the condition: he can paint the bike with new colors. We like the idea and daddy help them to set up the paint booth.

paint booth     paint booth

paint booth      paint booth

paint booth      paint booth

When the job is done, dried, we went to the park riding on the kids “new” bikes. We had fun and everyone was happy… That’s important!

paint booth      paint booth

paint booth      paint booth

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