Add Freon To Older Car AC System

It’s been hot in the last few days in Silicon Valley, my sister’s Mitsubishi Montero AC system doesn’t blow cold any more. These days, in CA with all the environmental people trying to make a buck, it’s hard to find Freon R134A for any car. We have to take the car to the dealers or shops to pay tons of money to evacuate and recharge the AC system. Now, we can’t buy freon on line any more because other states can’t ship to CA. Now, a 12 oz can of freon cost $15 plus $5 deposit for the empty can, it used to be $2-$3 a 12 oz can. These environmental people are making a fortune on  Freon. The auto shops make money on customers because they have no where to go to get “COLD”. All old car AC systems leak a little or a lot, freon does escape into the ozone. Sometimes it’s just out due to being used so much. I search the net and found some places that sell freon and ship to CA. I bought a few for family old cars, just in case for $7 a 12 oz can.

My sister came today, we had to look for the low side port on her car. We found it, it took less than 10 minutes to add a 12 oz can of freon. The AC blows cold again. We had dinner and she’s happy on her way home.

add freon to AC system

This is how we added freon to her 99 Mitsubishi Montero.

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