Xanh VN Restaurant in Mountain View

We’ve been here since our first child Audie at the older location down the street, we liked it then and we still like it now.
Instead of going to eat Pho with my sister when she  has a day off, I decided to take her to Xanh for our lunch date.
The new location is nice and bigger, the lunch buffet is like a teaser for people to taste or have ideas of what the main courses would taste because the price is amazingly inexpensive compared to all lunches out there, $14.95.
Last time  I was here, I didn’t see the Pho with actual brisket meats in the bowls, the soup and the meat  are delicious and better than some real Pho restaurants LOL, I had 2.
So, let’s talk about the taste of this restaurant, most of my VN friends or family members seem to believe the taste is too sweet across the board and on the light side, it’s not salty enough although all the dishes tasted fine to me and my sister, although she prefers the GEN BBQ over this.
What do you get for $15? So many good dishes from flavorful veggies to meat balls, the lemongrass chicken and pork are perfect to me. The spring rolls are so nice with the peanut and fish sauce. The sweet and sour soup is sweet LOL. I do like the fish and calamari sauté. Actually, I enjoyed all the dishes and I did try each one at least one bite.
The restaurant decor is very modern with many nice paintings of the VN girls in traditional dress which my sister like very much, the waiters are extremely attentive and quickly clean up used dishes, especially in a buffet lunch and small tables, kudos.
The parking structure is behind the restaurant or one street over, after 11:30 on a Friday, it may be hard to find any spaces left.
We did have a la carts here and we did like it, although it’s a little higher priced than normal restaurants.
All fusion  VN restaurants to do things on the sweet and light side, so don’t expect salty authentic VN taste but then again, not many VN would know this kind of restaurants, we’ll be visiting Le Colonial in SF soon.



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