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MediaPortal 1.2.3 Installation On Windows 7

June 10, 2012 | 5,854 views |

2013-01-20 After installing Matroska pack for WMP, MP1.2.3 can’t play AVI movies any more. Uninstalled the pack, load Cyberlink DVD player 7. Install Haali Splitter and everything is back.

Haali Splitter

We installed MediaPortal 1.0.2 last year and now we want to update to 1.2.3. There are 2 ways to install MediaPortal, using internet to automatically download files if needed or download the required files to hard drive then install them. The reason we need to update the MP1.2.3 because we replaced the old AMD motherboard with a new one. All new setup always has some problems. The new driver doesn’t let our Samsung LCD TV to refresh @ 60Hz (only 30Hz) which our favorite screen B & W 1080 no longer works. We couldn’t get the Virtual Clone Drive to mount the iso DVD correctly, we had to look for our old Daemon Tools lite 4.04 (it was free then), the new version is here, to get MP working with iso DVD. It took a few hours to get it working again with MP1.2.3.

Since we still have the old faithful RF ATI Remote Wonder, we’ve been using it for MediaPortal for many years now. Windows 7 driver will skip 2 lines, we use X10 which is more precise. 

We need all the plugins and files for playing MKV and other video formats, Zoom Player will install all those for us even with the Free version.

Moving Pictures is the best plugin for displaying movies, it automatically download the closest arts for the movies.

To add skin to customize our MediaPortal, we like Black&White 1080, but it doesn’t display well with screen that has less than 60hz refresh rate, window 7 will have 30hz as default.

Set up World Weather Plugin

Install Daemon Tools Lite for loading iso files.

Setting up subtitle for videos and DVDs

The skin we selected best for 1280×720 is PureVisionHDHorizon.

Now the HTPC is fully functional with MediaPortal 1.2.3 and ATI remote wonder – the graphics display is much better than the old on GA-785-US2H V3.3 is great with AMD X2 6000.

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  1. Your link to the X10 driver is broken. Could you please repost it again? Thanks in advance.

  2. hi, im looking for the x10 remote drivers, i have the ati remote wonder, and cannot get it working on windows 7, i have tried pretty much every driver but it just does not seem to work. wonder if you had a link to the drivers you used ?


    1. This is x10 what I used, one important thing is “do not install windows driver for the remote – ATI remote wonder”, if you did install it, uninstall, then install x10_driver, follow the instruction on my website. Hope it works.

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