What To Do When Clicked A Virus Link

2012-04-03 I just received an email with a virus link again from a friend with yahoo account. Again, control key + w key are our friends.

These days for some reasons yahoo emails seem to be compromised a lot, when you see your friends sent you just a link without any introduction, 100% of the time, his or her email has been stolen and the links are either ads or malware installation software.

In case we click the email and another windows pops up with all the virus scanning appeared, don’t panic, click CRTL and W keys together and click “Leave page” to kill the window or tab. DO NOT CLICK anything.

In case a download file came up, CRTL + W doesn’t seem to work, use CRTL + ALT + DEL to kill the browser and the flash program.

In windows 7, windows denfender in the background also detect the malware executable software.

Here is the video on how the malware link works.

Malware links from email in action.

In case the malware/virus already installed, go here to kill it.

Make sure to install these software on your computer and if you have yahoo email account, secure it.




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