MacOS High Sierra 10.13 On Windows PCs-Laptops

MacOS High Sierra 10.13

MacOS High Sierra is here today, I downloaded and installed on my external USB drive. It works beautifully with my HP x360 Haswell HD4400 i7-4510u which having problems with the last MacOS Sierra 10.12.6. This tutorial can be used for all Mac OS X and various PCs and Laptops. Before we upgrade to MacOS High Sierra, we should know which Apps are not compatible: VMWare 7.x

On my El Capitan, I could only download 19MB short version of the High Sierra 10.13, I had to use High Sierra Patcher to download and it also create the USB Flash installer for me. The only thing I need is the Kernels folder that need to be extracted from Core.pkg using Pacifist.

To create the latest Clover boot disk using Bootdiskutility.

All the kexts needed are in Rehabman depository

Lilu.kext, IntelGraphicFixup.kext, AppleALC.kext, HFSplus.efi, NTFS.efi.

ACPI table extraction: RWEverything.

Apps recommended: Kext Utility, TextWrangler, IORegistryExplorer, Clover Configurator, DPCIManager, MaciASL, Xcode, FakePCIID, Kernels13064.

The original installer released version is 13.0.64, the new update version is 13.1.05. If we update from the App store, we may have problems like I did with both MacBookAir7,2 and 6,2 – “kextd Stall[1]… “AppleACPICPU”, “AWAD”” and stucked there. Every we boot, it will automatically boot to the installer with Clover bootloader. The only way to make it to boot to default “Volume” is to delete the macOS High Sierra Installation folder in the root of the Volume.

kextd_stall_Apple_ACPICPU_AWAD update. updated 13.0.66

The best way to update this version is to download the installer from the App store, make sure it’s 13.1.05. Use macOS High Sierra Patcher to download the new macOS High Sierra App and create a new macOS installer USB drive. Make sure to extract the Kernels folder using Pacifist and copy it to the /System/Library after it’s done.

Use the same Clover boot folder – config.plist and kexts, the only thing we need to change is the Intel inject set to NO, and boot in Safemode – nv_disable=1 – darkwake = 0

Install the new macOS over the Volume, it will take longer 33 minutes. When it’s done, it should boot normally with the Clover without safe mode or Intel inject = NO.

All we need is to install the Patched IOUSBHostFamily.kext and everything will work as normal.

If you installed macFuse ntfs-3g to write to Windows NTFS, you need to redo the whole process including xcode-select –install because of the new xcode.

My Clover Config.plist for HD4400. Make sure to change serial number if you use it.

10.13 kexts folder for HIS     driver64uefi folder for 10.13.1

***In MacOS Sierra, the ACPIBacklight.kext doesn’t work with Rehabman brightness keys, but with MacOS High Sierra, it does work… ****

The battery icon doesn’t update automatically unless we used the old version 1.70.2 of ACPIBatteryManager.kext.

ACPIBatteryManager.kext V1.70.2

For Broadwell HD5500 to boot without kernel panic, we need to boot installer and post installation differently due to the broadwell graphics frame buffer and the graphic kext. 

For installation – Intel inject kext = NO and when it’s done for acceleration, set it to YES. Also need to use Lilu.kext and IntelGraphicsDMVTFixup.kext 1.1.4 in case config.plist patch doesn’t work. This is my config.plistfor this laptop.

broadwell kexts for macOS High Sierra 10.13     Clover KextsToPatch for Broadwell HD5500

Clover KextsToPatch for Broadwell HD5500 in Xcode

KextsToPatch in config.plist












<string>0x16260006,0x16260004/etc, 32MB BIOS, 19MB framebuffer, 9MB cursor bytes (credit RehabMan)</string>



<key>Name</key> <string></string> <key>Find</key>





To fix ALC255 to work after wake on 17b48 version, need to modify the codec commander.kext info.plist

ALC255 CC setting for wake

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