A8 Air Suspension Lift Mode Can Sustain At 60 MPH

Today on freeway, I checked the lift-mode – it’s grayed out when the speed hit over 50mph and came back when it’s under like clockwork.

Lift Mode Above 50MPH Lift Mode Under 50MPH

Audi A8 D3 (2004-2010) has air suspension – my sport option has adaptive suspension with 4 modes. The lift mode is the highest one – monster truck mode – high – Some say it changes to other mode when the speed hit 50-60-70 – anyhow, I tried 65 and it didn’t change at all.

For those who don’t know how to access the lift mode – just click “CAR” button – rotate the big dial to select the mode – The best applications for LIFT-MODE is when you get stuck on the parking cement block, if you back up, you will rip the front lower bumper – don’t panic – select LIFT and wait for it to raise above the cement block and get out safely. When we go to Townhouse complex where there are many speed bumps – raise the car up with LIFT mode and go over them nicely without bottoming out to the chassis.

MMI lift mode     A8L on lift mode

MMI lift mode     A8L on lift mode

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