A8 D3 Glove Box Bottom View
A8 D3

A8 D3 Glove Box Removal

July 22, 2013 | 7,717 views |

In order to access a few components like the MMI (head unit – 4E0035729(A)), can bus gateway (4E0907468(x)) we need to drop the glove box. It seems to be a big thing, but actually, there are about 8 screws (torx and Phillips)  that hold it to the body.

Official Remove and Install Glove Box

***If the car is equipped with knee airbag, make sure to disconnect the battery before removing the connectors***

Remove the 2 screws on the side – need to remove the fuse box cover – screw driver will do.

remove 2 torx screws     3 torx screws

left torx screw     middle

Right torx screw     bottom left screw

Inside the glove box, there are 2 more torx screws holding the back to the body frame.

2 torx screw covers     2 torx screws

If you want to remove the CD changer, remove before dropping the glove box.

remove CD     remove CD

remove CD cables     remove CD cables

Now, we’re ready to drop the glove box – wiggle it out and down lightly and firmly – if the lid is closed is the best.

drop the box      drop the box

Disconnect light and airbag connector (make sure the battery is disconnected by removing the ground cable to the chassis).

airbag connector     light connector

Summary –

box dropped     top 3 screws

bottom left screw     bracket for 2 inside screws

corner where box rest     bottom of glove box

Putting it back is in reverse order, but the corner where the box is rest on is a little hard to get it on.

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