Fix Smart Key – No Key Identified – No Lock/Unlock With Remote – Change Battery on Keyfob A8

12/24/2017 The battery is low again and needed to be replaced..

low battery warning light keyfob open

 We went on a road trip, we took our spare keyfob with us and when we tried to use it, the smart key didn’t work – no key identified message on the screen. We could use the key to start but none of the remote function worked. We’re panic, but we had a key that works so the trip was fine. When we got home, I replaced the CR2032 battery in the keyfob and it works right out of the box, no reset, syncing needed. Amazing. Since I have a few Audis, I always have a few of these batteries stored. They’re quite inexpensive from Amazon.

A8 D3 Key Fob     A8 D3 No key identified

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  • I used my key earlier this morning. It worked. About 1 hour later I go to leave and my key fob wont unlock my car. I had to have my wife come get me. I bought a new battery and even though you were able to change the battery and didn’t have to sync. For some reason my 2004 Audi A8 won’t start. What else can I do?

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