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How To Fix A8 D3 Dash LED Indicator Lights OUT

February 1, 2016 / 2,410 views

My 2006 A8 D3 dash board LED indicator panel lights and the rear LED panel lights were out due to 1A fuse blown. There is a wire broken and shorted on one of the arm rest (bad design). This is how I fixed mine. We need to open the rear vent panel and disconnect 2 connectors (1 will be shorted).

A8 D3 Front Panel Indicator lights fixed A8 D3 Front Panel Indicator Lights Out

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  1. Thanks for posting

    Seems that my A8 has all the same issues you have so i am glad for videos to get these issues resolved a lot quicker

    Regarding the daylight running lights, is it possible to replace them without taking out the bumper cover or would that be impossible


    1. Running lights can be replaced without removing the bumper, the right side, the air cleaner housing needs to be removed. The left side, you can replace from the top, loosen the power steering reservoirs brackets or from the wheel well.

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