MMI Dead, Screen Black, A8L D3

My Audi A8L MMI was dead, stuck at open, black screen, doesn’t close, every time I push a device button or reset the MMI, MMI initialize screen would come  on, and went black, while it was on, I could hear the relay clicking in the trunk under the back seat. 

VCDS scan would come up with: No communication with Head Unit, Optical Bus: open.

The culprit was the 5A yellow fuse was blown, I might have shorted the line somehow while working in the trunk. It did give me a great scare.

5A Fuse

fuse blown

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  1. Where is this fuse located? I have the same problem. My battery died and had to boost from another car. The car started but the MMI will not work. Screen will not open and nothing on the panel is lighting up. Please help. Joseph

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