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A4 B6 Cabriolet

Gas Mileage Log For Cabriolet

So, we had the car for a few weeks now and we’re very happy with the drive and the gas mileage so far. 304 miles – 12.42 gallons = 24.47MPG – 5-27-11 309 miles – 12.70 gallons = 24.33MPG – 6-5-11 371 miles – 15.61 gallons = 23.76MPG ? Compares to Q7 169 miles – […]

Honda Tune-up

Honda Accord Tune Up

My little sister called me last week to tell me that her 2000 Honda Accord 4 cylinder coupe is vibrating a little while driving. She mentioned that she never had the car “tuned up” for many years. I told her the vibration from the steering might be something else and not the engine, anyhow, I […]

A8 D2

A8 32V Home Made Crank Pulley Lock

To remove 32V engine crank bolt, we need a pulley locking tool which is sold for about $100 on the net. I made one myself just to use for a few times. Cost about $15.00. The cut for the stars should fit snug and not loose, so don’t cut them too wide. Everything was bought […]


Q7 After 3 Years

2013-03-13 It’s almost 5 years… >The Q7 is still new @ 34k miles. Panoramic Sunroof Screen It’s been a while since we washed our Q7, although it’s always been in the garage but after a few trips to the snow, it did need a wash. We also want to check the condition after 3 years […]

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